Anthology Inclusions

NOM NOM, A Black Hare Press Anthology Dark Drabbles FEAT “I Take” & “Ghost-Knocking”

Hallowe’en Horrors in tiny tales. Vampires, djinns, spirits, werewolves, trolls, banshees, elves, mummies, skeletons, carnivorous jack-o’-lanterns, evil-seeking clowns, Halloween purges, sexy-but-hungry succubi, genius loci scarecrows voraciously guarding their pumpkin patches, revenge of the Hallowe’en candies. But don’t worry, between 100-word gory bites you’ll have a moment to catch your breath before the next soul-eating creature… Continue Reading →

The Elpis Pages FEAT “What’s Left”

Bringing together poetry, short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and more from self-identifying women worldwide, these pages explore the nuanced complexity of womanhood. Whether it be a howl or whisper, these women are using their voices however they can. Sometimes all we have is hope. Read more here.

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