Meeting Nancy (AUDIO)

“Meeting Nancy” is a true ghost story, read by Antony Frost on the Terrify Me! podcast. Episode 8, March 2022. Years ago–2012 or 2013–my then-fiancé and I went to a ghost hunt at the Dunkirk Lighthouse, a historical lighthouse that is still in use in Dunkirk, NY. It dates back to 1827, and has seen its…

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The Elpis Pages Ft. “What’s Left”

Bringing together poetry, short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and more from self-identifying women worldwide, these pages explore the nuanced complexity of womanhood. Whether it be a howl or whisper, these women are using their voices however they can. Sometimes all we have is hope. Read more here.

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Published in Anti-Heroin Chic ( Park, a weekend in May, and I’m far from home, wearing small-town nerd hard in ballet flats and a discount camel coat. My host, a writer, has an appointment and alone, I approach this tiny patch of New York like it’s a tea party I’ve been invited to.But it’s not,…

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“Things my 74-year-old Father Says That Do Not Mean What He Thinks They Mean, With Helpful Notations For Those Who May Be Similarly Confused”

Published in Crab Fat Magazine, Issue #4, page 104. Cir·cle Jerk \ ’sǝrkǝl, ‘jǝrk \ n: Not a traffic circle, like the one recently built at Routes 5and 20 in Irving, NY, right next to the Seneca Hawk smoke shop, gas station, and casualeatery (home of all-you-can-eat spaghetti).Hand Job \ ‘hand, ’jäb \ n: Not…

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“Dear Ms. Bradigan”

Published by Treehouse Magazine*** Dear Ms. Bradigan, It’s not that your efforts went unnoticed—the “private” journal only you would read, the soulful “Are-you-okays,” the invitations to visit the school counselor. It’s that I was ten, or not quite, and my mother had just died, and I felt flayed open, peeled flesh exposed to stinging wind,…

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“Things I’ve Heard Myself Say in ENGL 260: Introduction to Creative Writing”

Published in Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Volume 8, Issue 2, “Rose Hip.” Purchase on Chloe Accardi, Stephanie Baird, Abigail Bautista, Hussein Behneshat, Greg Bogaerts, Jess L. Bryant, Perry Carter, Ruth Dandrea, Arturo Desimone, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Milton P. Ehrlich, Linda Gartz, Nels Hanson, Mikita Hernandez, JoHanna Hochstetler, Matthew Huff, Clinton Inman, Jennifer…

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Published in Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction ( Less than a year had passed since my mother died from a burst valve in a heart no one knew was faulty. That’s raw when you’re ten. And then Buttercup died. Buttercup was an albino guinea pig with eyes like maraschino cherries. She wasn’t mine.…

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“Holding Onto”

Published in Fringe Magazine, Issue 30. 1969 Blue Chevy Stake TruckRed Farm Tractor with Plow AttachmentRefrigeratorOrange Denmark Riding Mower My father began to purchase things after my mother died. Large, rusting things.  My mother passed away in August, and Dad parked the stake truck in our Silver Creek, NY driveway by April. We were horrified,…

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