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The Social Commentary of SEASON OF THE WITCH

on TheNecronomi.com: Horror as Social Commentary Rebecca Cuthbert joins [hosts James Sabata and Don Guillory] for a deep dive into Romero’s 1972 SEASON OF THE WITCH. We’re breaking down pseudo-feminism, domestic violence, witchcraft, the power of the mind, and a 1972 fuckboi. (“Down with Greg! Down with Greg!”)

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“A Bargain at Twice the Price” (AUDIO)

Read on The Story Discovery Podcast by Onyx Publications If you had known Beth would leave two months after the closing date, you never would have bought the shoebox starter home on Oak View Drive in a sleepy commuter town with one shitty pizza joint and two convenience stores and nothing to do on weeknights…

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“Makeover” (AUDIO)

Read on the Blood & Jazz Podcast by Last Girls Club “What are we doing with this one?” asked Janine, Bernard’s uncertified surgical assistant. The Sculpting Clinic was world known, at least in certain, whispering circles. Clients were mostly women, but men came in too—not that the clinic’s services came cheap for any body. Patients…

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Meeting Nancy (AUDIO)

“Meeting Nancy” is a true ghost story, read by Antony Frost on the Terrify Me! podcast. Episode 8, March 2022. Years ago–2012 or 2013–my then-fiancé and I went to a ghost hunt at the Dunkirk Lighthouse, a historical lighthouse that is still in use in Dunkirk, NY. It dates back to 1827, and has seen its…

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