Poetry Collection Publisher: Alien Buddha Press Cover art by Chad Lutzke Poetry touching on “the dark fantastic within the domestic sphere,” ranging from feminist horror to lyrical memorials. “Words are magic, and Rebecca Cuthbert is a sorcerer, conjuring beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, images found in the quiet moments of women’s inner worlds. Her poetry captures life’s…

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“Still Love”

Published in Nocturne Horror Literary Magazine, Issue 2, Fall 2022 *** When my left hand turned to stone—whorled gray marble smoothas a promise, fingers fused in a cold clenched fisttoo heavy for my husband to holdhe just switched sides, he loved mestill, we stayed connectedat the movies, the farmers market, shadowsmelting into one wide shadowstretching…

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“In Memory of Exoskeletons”

Published by Memoryhouse Magazine, “Albeit” issue.And there it goes—another shingle chipped off,chiseled away this time by the righteous cliché of a baby’s stunnedlaughter, andin Trump’s America, I’m lying naked on the banks of a mosquito-clogged swampand the hungry bastards are full of malaria,pink eye and mad cow disease.He’s not my first nephew,I wasn’t a great…

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“Tuesday, 7:43 p.m.”

Published by Loud Coffee Press, Volume 2 Issue 1, Winter 2021. Text:I want to lump you,darling,into a label maker–tick out your faults and gracesin milky block letters on plasticine strips,paste them up in each room of our 1950 fixer upperuntil you define thisspace:“hands like knotted oak” on the kitchen cabinet“long underwear in April” on the…

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Published by The Beautiful Stuff (thebeautifulstuff.blog).“It’ll be just like playing house,” she’d said. “You’ll wear slippers, but not cologne. I’ll wear an apron, but only on Thursdays, only in April and June, and not if I’m not at the bus stop.”She made me a key, but I saw the framed pictures, coffee rings and toast…

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Published by Luna Luna Magazine (lunalunamagazine.com).I bore the scar like an ant,lighter than its cargo on hard-wire legs.The mark’s heft and dragcurved my spine into a C that stood for Caisson and kneaded a sweet ache into my shoulder blades.(I feel it still, calling your name)I often wonder, had you lived, would you like me?…

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“Afternoon, 1988”

Published in Allegro Poetry Magazine, Issue #5, themed “Childhood.”For JeffI’ve been meaning to tell you:That day the crayfish darted backward to their silty secrets—when I caught one with pincers too small to nip my small palms,when the creek-smell caught in my throat and stuck,toes squeezing slippery bed-sand,minnow schools disturbed, winking soft bodies in sunlight,when I…

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“Three Tears in a Bucket”

Published by Slipstream Press, Issue #34, “Rust – Dust – Lust.”Poetry by: Shanalee Smith, Marc Pietrzykowski, Andrea O’Rourke, Noah Kucji, Harvey J. Baine, Cait Weiss, Courtney Leigh Jameson, Christopher Warner, Quinn Rennerfeldt, Rich Heller, Michelle Valois, Pat Phillips West, David Denny, Leona Sevick, Dawn Corrigan, Michael Walls, Eliese Colette Goldbach, Irena Praitis, Katie Darby Mullins,…

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