Book Launch!

The day is here–and like most long-anticipated events, ot came on slowly and then all at once. I have a book in the world. It’s real. It exists. People are ordering it. (You can too: click here!)

Stephen King says, in On Writing, that publishing books requires talent, desire, ambition, and luck.


He’s right. And I’m a lucky gal.

The collection only exists because, by chance, I saw a submission call from Mausoleum Press for their 2022 chapbook contest. I realized I had enough poems to form a little collection, and sent it in. While I didn’t win the contest, the editors wrote to me to say I made their shortlist (that’s like a final round, to some degree), which was very kind and also encouraging. I thought, why not send it to some other presses?

And I sent it to something like ten of them. Not long after I did, the publisher at Alien Buddha Press wrote back to me to say he’d like to publish it. When I opened that email I went into a kind of elation-panic. I was so happy that I was short-circuiting (I do that a lot, emotionally). I didn’t know what to DO.

But, luck gave me many wonderful friends in the writing community, and they guided me through what to say and send to whom, and in what order (I had to notify the other presses that I’d had an offer, give them a chance to make one or cut me loose, all while assuring Alien Buddha Press that I was excited and eager to get back to them). All was taken care of in a week or a bit more, and I signed a contract with ABP!

More luck: I’d come across the lovely cover art of Chad Lutzke, and it turns out that a cover I liked was available.

More luck: Every single person I asked to read an early copy of the collection and write me a blurb said yes. So I ended up with something like eleven or twelve blurbs that make me want to cry, they’re so kind.

More luck: The publisher at ABP just happens to be endlessly patient, and worked through lots of formatting questions and adjustments with me.

More luck: I have lots of supportive friends and family members, and as soon as they could, many of them ordered a copy. One friend ordered five copies!

Thank you to each and every person who has made these fabulous things happen for me, and who has cheered me on throughout the process (especially Joel). You all are my good luck.


Poetry Collection

Publisher: Alien Buddha Press

Cover art by Chad Lutzke

Poetry touching on “the dark fantastic within the domestic sphere,” ranging from feminist horror to lyrical memorials.

“Words are magic, and Rebecca Cuthbert is a sorcerer, conjuring beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, images found in the quiet moments of women’s inner worlds. Her poetry captures life’s smallest moments and imbues them with immense meaning. A wonderful work.”

-Lisa Kröger, author, Monster She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror & Speculative Fiction and Toil & Trouble: A Women’s History of the Occult

“Cuthbert’s chapbook celebrates the domestic, seemingly delicate spheres of women’s lives. From house witches to cryptids to body horror, this collection probes the edges of the speculative poetry genre. Supple and lyrical, these poems are cunning, intelligent, and tender.”

-Holly Lyn Walrath, author, The Smallest of Bones

“IN MEMORY OF EXOSKELETONS is haunting and heartbreaking and joyous and terrifying all at once. Rebecca Cuthbert uses language here as both a knife and a feather, each word selected with immense care. Lyrical while still being legible, this is the kind of collection that will follow you long after you have put it down. Ever since I read this, I get unreasonably angry at ‘No dog walking’ signs in cemeteries.”

– Jolie Toomajan, editor, Aseptic and Faintly Sadistic: An Anthology of Hysteria Fiction 

“… Cuthbert’s poetry shows that she is the kind of writer who pays attention to life in all its ethereal glory, a poet quick enough and smart enough to snatch up those little moments that the rest of us miss, throw them on a page, and let them shine a little light onto our lives. This writer means business and she’s worth paying attention to.”

Christopher Ryan, publisher, Seamus and Nunzio Productions; editor, Soul Scream Antholozine

Buy a copy here.

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